Amy Bowers

Amy has been learning from horses since she was a young girl on her family farm in Chico California.

She’s spent over a decade learning from her uncle, Pat Parelli¬†and his wife Linda. She’s also had the privilege of learning from dressage master Walter Zettl, Olympians Karen and David O’Conner, Luis Lucio, Steve Bowers and Craig Johnson to name a few.

She is currently a 4 Star Senior Instructor with Parelli as well as a Senior Horse Development Specialist. Amy is also one of a handful of instructors in the world who are certified to teach Linda Parelli’s Game of Contact.

Amy has a gift for helping people achieve excellence with their own horses. She teaches lessons and clinics to horse owners across the US. Through the years she’s helped countless people with their horses with a variety of outcomes: from horses and owners with particular problems (trailer loading, safety with riding, pull backs), to people with a lot of experience who want to achieve excellence whether in competition or at home, to people looking for someone to put a foundation on their young horse.

She is dedicated to constantly improving her craft. Currently, she’s competing in local Eventing competitions with her partner, Piper.

She has a passion for the sport and has high goals for the future. She’s on the lookout for sponsors interested in her mission of bringing Natural Horsemanship to the competitive world, if this is you, make sure to contact her, she’d love to hear from you.

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