2017: Join Team Piper!

We are looking for folks to partner with us in 2017 to help bring Natural Horsemanship to the competitive world. Amy has been competing in Eventing for a few years now and has goals to take it all the way to the top!

For the 2017 competition season, Amy and Piper have qualified for and hope to compete at the Intermediate level in Eventing (the 5th of 6 national levels). This means a lot more travel as there is only one event in Colorado at this level. She’ll be traveling to Florida, Texas, California, and Montana.

There are 2 ways for you to partner with us and join Team Piper to make the dream of bringing Natural Horsemanship to the sport world a reality:

1.  Buy a t-shirt or sweatshirt by Nov 7 in our Team Piper booster campaign. There will be many fun opportunities throughout the year to wear your shirt and win fun things! Here’s the link to purchase your t-shirts or sweatshirts (you can also donate via this site) Team Piper Campaign

2. Partner with us at one of 3 levels:

Partner Level: $250

  • What you’ll get:
  • A personal thank you from Amy on FB
  • A free Team Piper t-shirt
  • 10% of lessons

Premium Level: $500 

  • What you’ll get:
  • All of the Partner benefits plus
  • Your banner on our website
  • Attend any clinics taught by Amy as an auditor

Exclusive Level: $10,000

  • Fully Customizable

For any of the above partnership opportunities, please contact Nate Bowers at nathan-bowers@hotmail.com OR 970-310-7196




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