Fundamentals of Training a Driving Horse in Fort Collins, CO @ Bowers Farm
Aug 10 – Aug 12 all-day

Join Nate Bowers for a dynamic 3 day clinic on teaching the fundamentals of training a horse to drive.

We will isolate the various skills and understanding

a horse needs in order to safely drive. The different stages we’ll explore are:

1. Accept and Understand the Harness

2. Accept and Understand the Vehicle.

3. Accept and Understand Leadership from Zone 5.

“Foundation before Specialization” definitely applies to the Driving Horse world. With this in mind, it’s not guaranteed that you’ll harness your horse up during this course, but it is guaranteed that you’ll learn the steps to building a confident, more skillful horse and you’ll have a clearer pathway to arrive at the stage of harnessing your horse in the future.


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