More Driving Books and Videos

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Training the Driving Horse with Steve Bowers

Got a great riding horse you’d like to train for driving? Have you been “breaking” horses for driving or draft purposes, and want to see what it looks like to “train”?¬†This video shows how to produce driving horses that are a joy to be around, and a real pleasure to drive, without the alienation and oppressive techniques that are so commonly used when training horses to be driven

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Harnessing, Hitching, and Driving with Steve Bowers

This 100minute, two-video set explains the dynamics of harnessing, hitching, and driving horses.  Bowers Farm, has been teaching draft and driving horse workshops for more than 20 years. Aimed to teach drivers to safely and confidently handle singles and teams, the videos use live action, drawings and diagrams, and labels and arrows to illustrate the basics and advanced techniques of driving horses.

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Learning to Driving Multiple Hitches with Steve Bowers

Bowers Farm has invented an effective new way to learn rein handling skills, the bicycle driver training device! This fun, effective device spares horses’ mouths as new drivers learn to skillfully handle the reins for various multiple hitches.

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